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Welcome Couples

In the past strip clubs were strictly viewed as a place for guys. They catered to them, half nude women, flaunting themselves in front of starry eyed men who acted like well...... we wont go there. An opinion derived mostly from watching a ton of MTV and making assumptions.

What about joining your significant other at the club? In doing so you may find a totally different perspective. Here's a few reasons why...


The Millstream Inn is a great place to come and lose those inhibitions. That feeling of self-consciousness that can sometimes get in the way. The ladies here at The Millstream Inn welcome you and they love to see a beautiful face walk in the door. So stop in, sit down, have a drink and enjoy a little conversation with one of The Millstream Girls.


The lights, the music, the décor our friendly up-scale atmosphere will have you relaxed and enjoying yourself in no time! 

  • Upscale Atmosphere

  • Table seating            

  • Lounge Area            

  • Private Rooms         

Confidence in Yourself

Maybe it's the lights, maybe it's the alcohol, or maybe it’s you seeing a dancer on stage expressing her wild side and in a way inspiring you too.  There's a certain ambience that could inspire you to bring out your inner goddess. Here at The Millstream Inn we strive to break-away from your typically strip club reputation of glamorizing and catering to the desires of men. Instead we cater to everyone.

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